Foodmaker silences itself online.
For Now… 💀⚰

Dear 👋 food(maker) lover,

Don’t worry, we're still with you. Our restaurants will remain open but we’re taking a short break from online. Until Friday March 13 2020 we’ll be on our organic fields growing vegetables, but more importantly, we’ll be focussing on improving our brand by listening to you.

During this period of silence we will listen, evaluate and plant those seeds. If you give us your feedback, we will make good intentions to abide by them. During the Holidays, when you are listening to your drunken uncle’s stories at your family Christmas dinner, we’ll be brainstorming, challenging, and improving Foodmaker from A to Z. Together we want to open 2020 with a bang!

Our vision will stay the same: bringing healthy and tasty fresh food straight from the field to your plate, by always treating our environment with respect.

more days of silence. 🤐

Feeling like a healthy snack? Do you want to make an order or know more about our menu?

You can still do that here

If you really can’t live without us, the employees in our restaurants are human and have the ability to talk. Feel free to drop by and come say hello, and we will set up the table for you.



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