Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee or Take away? You're always welcome at The Foodmaker!

Vegetables have no secrets for me: in 1925 my great-grandfather started selling them and 4 generations later I am walking in his footsteps. Not only do I want my salads to be extra delicious, I also want you to feel on top of the world after eating them. That is why we at Foodmaker talk about “great food for great people”.

I got the passion for vegetables from my husband Lieven. Being a mother of 4 little children, quality of food is very important to me. Only field fresh salads, no added preservatives. And please no sugar, use honey! :) I just love creating pure and honest healthy food.

Our collaboration was a dream combination: the masters of salads went to sea with the master of Photoshop. A program that I've got in my fingers. Many people do not even realize that I have edited a photo.

I love people, social contact and everything that goes with it. A healthy work environment and a pleasant atmosphere in the shops: I make sure that both our customers and our staff feel good about Foodmaker. Every smile I get gives me new energy to continue the next day.

If you want to ask something about the shops or if you want to work for us, Don't hesitate and contact me at

I appreciate aesthetic, healthy and innovative concepts, so I’m proud to represent Foodmaker. Walking into one of our shops and having lunch there is a real experience! It is that feeling and the passion for healthy food and lifestyle that I try to bring across to our customers. Together with the rest of our young and dynamic team, we brainstorm every day, trying to come up with new concepts or ways to improve what we are doing. We take on every single challenge that comes our way!

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